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Grew up in North East India and arrived in Kolkata after school. I call Kolkata my home now but haven't lived more than 2 weeks at one stretch in two decades. In reality I am modern day Gipsy never realizing how that sands of time has graduated me from a youth to an ex-youth. I am connected to the world via and

Another Green

Once upon a time we had a green revolution. That green was made possible by our farmers as our fields produced enough to fill our food baskets.

Then came the industrial revolution came and our life changed like never before. It gave us machine to create as well as machine guns to destroy. There were also plenty other bonus products and byproduct to destroy the Mother Earth.

Today we look forward to another type of GREEN revolution. A revolution to undo some of the evils man had done and minimize future harms.

All are invited to this party 🙂